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Mohan Rakesh

Taking the support of history or historical personalities does not make literature history. History compiles and catalogues facts in a time bound manner. This has never been the purpose of literature. To compensate for the vacant chambers of history is … Continue reading

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दन्या चीनाखान की दक्ष महिताओं के नृत्यगीत अल्पना की तो ख्याति सुनी ही थी, उस दिन देख भी लिया. केवल अँगुली  के नैपुन्य से चित्रांकित हर रेखा का ये गजब का संतुलन था और कैसी अचूक सीध! शांतिनिकेतन में नंदलाल बोस की पुत्री गौरीभंज … Continue reading

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The Book Extract Post

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When Mircea met Maitreyi

She is without doubt the most gifted and enigmatic of all the girls I have known.  But obviously I cannot marry. What will become of my freedom? Mircea is twenty-three, I am sixteen. But both of us are a bit too … Continue reading

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The Epic Post – Shakuntala

  Sacontala says goodbye to Madhavi. Illustration for La Civilizacion by Don Pelegrin Casabo Y Pages (Mir, Tarradas, Comas, 1881-82). Shakuntala first appeared in the West in a William Jones translation and its not surprising the German romantics loved the drama. Subsequently Theophile … Continue reading

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The Epic Post – Shakuntala

How would an ancient Indian heroine dress? Kalidasa writing Abhijnanasakuntalam in the 4th cent. AD gives Shakuntala, forest maiden turned queen, a dress of bark and later a dress of white loveliness when she goes to meet her lover, Dushyanta.

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Shakuntala in Painting and Film

A few posts on the attire of the heroine of the romantic epic, Abhijnanasakuntalam (The Recognition of Shakuntala).

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