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The Girls Post

  From this week’s series on costumes for young girls.

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Himalayan Costumes

  More at tumblr.  

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Regional Dress in the 1920s

From MV Dhurandhar’s set of watercolours from the 1920s. It pretty much covers the diverse costumes of communities at the time and you can see a number of regional variations at play. This set largely has attire worn in Bombay and Gujarat … Continue reading

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Late Mughal Period Costumes

Woman’s Court Costume: Silk with gold and silver braid and pompoms. Lucknow, C.1830-40.  This extravagant costume would have been worn by a dancer or noblewoman at the flamboyant Lucknow Court, although the fashion for exaggeratedly wide trousers like these worn … Continue reading

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Ancient Indian Costume

The main garment was the antariya of white cotton, linen or flowered muslin, sometimes embroidered in gold and precious stones. The antariya was secured at the waist by a sash or kayabandh, often tied in a looped knot at the center front of the waist. … Continue reading

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The Light of Asia/Prem Sanyas

mudwerks: Seeta Devi, 1925 (by pictosh) You can see an example of the breast band in The Light of Asia/Prem Sanyas. The film is about the life of Gautama Buddha with Seeta Devi playing the Buddha’s wife. There are a number of stills at memsaab’s site, … Continue reading

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Santosh Sivan’s Asoka

Santosh Sivan’s epic film of the Mauryan King, Asoka, surprisingly sticks to a simple, subdued palette and body decoration for the princess Kaurwaki. Again not quite the choli but perhaps a sewn breast band. And the film it appears is fairly authentic in terms of plot.

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