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Mohan Rakesh

Taking the support of history or historical personalities does not make literature history. History compiles and catalogues facts in a time bound manner. This has never been the purpose of literature. To compensate for the vacant chambers of history is … Continue reading

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The Epic Post – Shakuntala

Kalipada Ghoshal retains the bark in his painting of Shakuntala.  Though I am not entirely sure about Dushyanta’s attire.

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The Epic Post – Shakuntala

How would an ancient Indian heroine dress? Kalidasa writing Abhijnanasakuntalam in the 4th cent. AD gives Shakuntala, forest maiden turned queen, a dress of bark and later a dress of white loveliness when she goes to meet her lover, Dushyanta.

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Sari Styles

The Parsi Style (First Pic) The Brahmika Sari (2nd pic, Suniti Devi of Cooch Behar with an additional stole/veil over the sari pinned with a brooch) and 3rd picture Rokeya Begum in a simpler version) The Nivi/Madrasi style (Last Pic)

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