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Roop and Baz

At first love seemed easy but after hard. [X] For a couple whose legendary relationship was built on a love of poetry and music, Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati appear an awful lot in hunting scenes in miniature paintings. Their … Continue reading

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The Book Cover Post

Apart from the movie based on Maitreyi/La Nuit Bengali, the book covers also leave much to be desired featuring as they often do a generic exotic Indian woman barely indicative of the decade in which Maitreyi takes place. The first … Continue reading

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The Epic Post – Shakunatala

Shakuntala has also been filmed a fair bit. Surprisingly MS Subbulakshmi dispensed with a blouse in the Tamil movie Sakunthalai (directed by the American, Ellis R Dungan).  Other film depictions like V Shantaram’s also discard the blouse. All employ a number of flower garlands … Continue reading

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The Epic Post – Shakuntala

How would an ancient Indian heroine dress? Kalidasa writing Abhijnanasakuntalam in the 4th cent. AD gives Shakuntala, forest maiden turned queen, a dress of bark and later a dress of white loveliness when she goes to meet her lover, Dushyanta.

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Since I started this blog, I have come across an astonishingly large number of “British Raj” romances. A few of these deal with “inter-racial” romances which were generally taboo subject matter. One of these is Lilamani. Apart from it being an … Continue reading

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