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The 1940s Post

The late 1940s was a time of somewhat boxy, padded blouses.  This blouse on the actress and dancer Suryakumari for example is almost like a man’s shirt (or perhaps more correctly a pyjama top).  As can be seen from the … Continue reading

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Puff Sleeve

The puff sleeve blouse. Always popular in almost every decade of the 20th century, particularly for young women. Judging from photographs I have seen, the simpler version (unlike the exaggerated sleeves of previous decades) was kind of de rigeur in … Continue reading

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The Birds Post-2

  Courtesan, possibly late 19th century.  Accessories: A Bird. And Attitude. The ensemble is a loose style of salwar-kameez with what looks like a short kameez/tunic.  Up close she has interesting shoes with bow ties. And anklets. And a substantial … Continue reading

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The 16th Century Post

Just a few bits and pieces before I move on. First, Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, set in 16th century India.  By this century  there were a number of influences flowing though India but Mira Nair quite obviously roots her aesthetic in old … Continue reading

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The Period Drama Post

And a bit on Raima Sen, whose attire in these pictures have varying degrees of fidelity to the period they are set in (Chokher Bali: 1903, Naukadubi: 1920s,The Japanese Wife: uncertain) and who must surely hold some kind of record for … Continue reading

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The Period Drama Post

There aren’t a whole lot of period dramas in India though they turn up now and then, often in Bengali cinema with Tagore stories being remade often. I am not a stickler for detail in period drama neither do I … Continue reading

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The Studio Portrait

Just to wind up on the India/China theme, Garas aka the Chinese emboridered silk sarees with corodinated somewhat ornate blouses. Plus first pic, the one on the right seems to have a pretty spectacular bird of paradise.  Gara in the second picture is … Continue reading

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