The Birds Post-2

bird5 (280x438)


Courtesan, possibly late 19th century.  Accessories: A Bird. And Attitude.

The ensemble is a loose style of salwar-kameez with what looks like a short kameez/tunic.  Up close she has interesting shoes with bow ties. And anklets. And a substantial nose-ring.

Plus a piece of fruit for the parrot.



Studio portrait of woman with bird. Possibly 1930s.

The dress suggests a historical and is probably some form of salwar-kameezwith an embroidered waistcoat.  And there are a few pieces of substantial jewellery.

bird8 (532x402)


Possibly from a film on a Tamil epic featuring the “confession of love to a parrot”.  The attire seems to be 1950s Tamil mythological. If any one can ID the actress, let me know!



Life Magazine’s photograph of a lady with a cockatoo features a simple sari with a sleeveless blouse and is possibly from the 1950s.  The brooch is a little surprising and like a hat accessory. And there are some elaborate flowers on the hair.

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