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On the Street, India

Click for larger view. 1. Nauvari and Nath girls looking very lovely, Somaiya College, Mumbai. Taken on the college’s “Traditional Day”. 2. Mochi (cobbler) in Mumbai.  She is not alone: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ernakulam, 3.  Anklet wearing schoolgirls. Taken in Bengaluru. … Continue reading

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Plucky Girl

Sanskrit poetry is so often full of lovelorn ladies unable to bear separation from the hero (Virahotkanthita Nayika). And this recurs often in those Radha-Krishna paintings. And of course Hindi cinema is full of “viraha” songs.  But none of that … Continue reading

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Women of India

–Women of India – MV Dhurandhar via Santanus. X X

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The Girdle Post

Girdles have been in use in India for a very long time, since possibly the early chalcolithic age. The kanci aka girdle, is often a broad golden belt used to secure the sari to the waist, to which are often … Continue reading

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The Independence Post

One of the most significant influencers of the way we dress in India was the freedom movement, in particular Gandhi’s thoughts on the moral dimension of clothing, the quest for an authentic Indianness and clothing as a unifier of India’s … Continue reading

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The Hair Post

Simple Braids, Updos and flowers in her hair. All at tumblr.  

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Julia Gillard

A departure from my usual posts. I am pretty much apolitical. But I am a woman. And this speech from Ms Gillard, Australia’s first female PM, resonated with me. Via [X] Also Ms Gillard knits and I think it is wonderful … Continue reading

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Cup of Wine

  The drinking post. 

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Himalayan Costumes

  More at tumblr.  

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International Women’s Day

  Russia appears to have an International Women’s Day that is also Mother’s Day.  On the other hand of late Mother’s day seems to fall in  November there. This is a 1986 postcard commemorating the day (they seem to have had a number … Continue reading

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