The clean ease and civility of Tagore

Meanwhile the days are heating up after the spell of winter; the sun is getting hot, even as a cool breeze is blowing through the boat window and caressing my back. Today there is no special concession for winter or civilization; my baize chapkan and choga – coat and long coat – hang suspended from a hook. No bell rings to usher in a well-dressed valet, saluting and waiting for me to order. I am enjoying an unclean ease and comfort of incivility. Torn Leaves, The Essential Tagore.

Today is the 156th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore.

In the pics: Tagore’s sartorial style, from the embroidered chapkan and churidar of his boyhood to the long robe and cap towards the latter part of his life (this inspired by the Bauls and Sufis).

The not quite but Victorian suit of pic 2 & 6 is one of few photographs of Tagore in Western attire.  The coat could well be a sack coat.

The kurta-pyjama with a shawl of pics 3 and 4 still persists as the mark of vintage Bengal wear.  Given the sartorial experiments of the time, much of the clothing also expresses existing Hindu-Muslim styles like the headgear of pics 5 and 6.

PS: Also don’t miss the styled locks!

Pics: Are from several sites and I assume in the public domain. If not and any pic needs to be credited let me know.

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