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The Muslim Wedding Post

The Saif-Kareena wedding….here is the posed studio photo and the wedding dress. Which has similarities in style with Attia Hossain’s wedding dress of 1933. Though described as a saree, it’s more likely a “wedding joda” with a heavy skirt.  Also I think I … Continue reading

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The Writers in Saris Post

If Rokeya wrote in a humorous vein, Rashid Jahan was a writer who was part of the Progressive Writers Movement, a fiery feminist, a doctor and a contributor toAngarey. The photographs are from an article on her husband, Rashid Jahan is the woman on the … Continue reading

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This gallery contains 4 photos.

  Though Rashid Jahan and Attia Hosain were from Uttar Pradesh, as Pran Nevile’sbook on life in pre-partition Lahore indicates, the upper classes in the North of India (given this was the 1930s I guess Nevile is referring to Lahoris as … Continue reading

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The influence of Islam on Indian Dress

I mentioned Rokeya Begum in an earlier post as wearing a Brahmika saree. As these excerpts from Sonia Amin’s book indicate, both Hindu and Muslim women in Bengal moving from the private sphere into the public sphere were evolving a new kind of attire. … Continue reading

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I am a little hesitant to club these three writers together as representative of subcontinental Muslim women writers in the early part of the 20th century.  However, though as writers they are quite different, for the purposes of today’s post … Continue reading

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The Islamic Attire Post

  And those pieces of asymetrically aligned hair jewellery.

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