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Parasakthi style in brief

Besides, love between siblings, particularly between the elder brother and younger sister, has become a specific marker of Tamil culture, mainly due to the impact of canonical Tamil films like En Thangai (My Sister, dir. M.K.R. Nambiar and Ch. Narayanamurthy, … Continue reading

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Tumblr 2

The ancient style of antariya and utariya to the sari in the 1930s. Blouse Styles in the 1940s.

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The Shawl/Cloak Post

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Random post to document a decade

Shobhana Samarth, probably taken in the late 30s/early 40s. A few posts don’t have a theme but are merely to provide a snapshot of a decade – I normally tag the decade so its easy to follow the tags.

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The Asia Post

The cheongsam doesn’t seem to have influenced fashion in India (perhaps those blouses with stand-up collars?).  In Indian cinema they seem to be appear only when the part is Chinese.  But here is Madhubala in a cheongsam. Pic source.

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The 1930s Post

Also from the 1930s Miss Johra (likely she was a Miss Zohra). The umbrella as an accessory was perhaps Burmese in origin (the country was then a part of British India). A brief write up on the modern girl of the 30s here.

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The 1930s Post

A previous post of mine mentioned the movie Miss 1933, its modern heroine Miss Gohar and its trendsetting fashions (sunglasses!, driving a car! umbrellas!).  I couldn’t find any images though and suddenly there it was, thanks to Sparrow Online. They really loved sleeveless blouses and … Continue reading

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