The 1930s Actress Post


I love Miss Kajjan’s dress here from that little cutwork/embroidered blouse to the casual pinning of the saree with those long pins that seem to have been around at the time.

The waved hair is so common in the 20s/30s in Indian cinema.

And you have to love it when an actress is described as having “roaring love affairs”. 

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4 Responses to The 1930s Actress Post

  1. Schopra says:

    Dear Anu,

    I am a research student from Delhi University. My area of research is the early Indian cinema and women empowerment. After a long tedious search I finally chanced upon your wonderful blog. I have been looking for this image of Miss Kajjan. Could I request you to mail me a high-res image of hers for my research thesis? I promise to give you / your site due credit for helping me with this.

    If in case you can’t or are unable to, can you atleast direct me to the source you got this image from? Only this image, no other.

    Please do write back.

    Eagerly waiting for your reply.


  2. Anu says:

    Hi Shalini, thanks for dropping by and I am glad you find the blog useful! Very few of the pics are mine, they are sourced from around the Net and I make sure I credit it. This one was from ebay (if you follow this link you can see that it is credited to the ebay seller allegory003, unfortunately the photograph is no longer on the site so I can’t provide a high res pic)

    I am happy for you to use this, perhaps you can just say sourced from the ebay seller allegory003.

    I note that you only want this image, but here is another one of Miss Kajjan:

    All the best with your thesis!


    • Schopra says:

      Dear Anu,

      Thanks a ton for your reply. Would you , by any chance, have high res images of the other image? or any other images of Kajjan?

      Am trying hard to connect to that ebay person but seems futile. 😦



      • Anu says:

        Dear Shalini, no worries. This is the only pic and link I have on me. I am not sure if I the owner has a high res pic too, I saved the pic they had loaded on ebay. And it seems to have been sold. Perhaps worthpoint may be helpful? Some of the sites charge way too much though.

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