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The Flower Post

Mimi, on your birthday, tell me what should I buy? A red sari, a silken blouse, a purple petticoat, and a shiuli‘s shade, its flowers dropping, when the night draws to a close. Selected Poems of Buddhadeva Bose Getting up … Continue reading

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The Diaspora Post

The heavy silver jewellery and skirts of Indian communities from Central and Western India are reflected in early photographs of immigrants to the West Indies. Early immigrants were often indentured labour from the then United Provinces and Eastern India. [X] … Continue reading

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Down South

A brief photoessay on the fashions prevalent in the south of India. And a bit on the practice of kolam/rangoli.

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The Science/Medicine Post

Indeed, in the early twentieth century, the press loved nothing more than featuring women medical students from around the world in their native costumes. A few posts at tumblr on women in medicine/science in the period from the 1880s-1940s.  More … Continue reading

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The Birds Post-1

  Birds appear a great deal in Indian art. They often talk, often they are messengers of love. And parrots are a particular favourite. Today’s post has women in varying attire in different times and their birds.  The first sculpture … Continue reading

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The Couples Post

Paintings of Couples 1. Tanjore painting 2. Watercolour by B.K. Mitra (Sr. Artist of Gita Press Gorakhpur United Province) 3. Lady Holding a Lotus (Abanindranath Tagore) The last is from a vampire story, perhaps apt for our post Twilight age:) More here. … Continue reading

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The Shawl/Cloak Post

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The Ceylon Post

I must confess that all I knew of the Sri Lankan sari was that it was “a variant of the Indian sari”.  It turns out that this is not entirely true. Sri Lanka has a rich and varied sartorial history … Continue reading

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