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The Maharashtra Post

Zee Talkies got a bunch of actors to recreate iconic roles in Marathi cinema for its 2013 calendar. The ones in this post are: Pic 1-Urmila Kanitkar as Shanta Apte in Kunku. Pic 2-Amruta Khanvilkar as Durga Khote in possibly … Continue reading

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The 1940s Post

The late 1940s was a time of somewhat boxy, padded blouses.  This blouse on the actress and dancer Suryakumari for example is almost like a man’s shirt (or perhaps more correctly a pyjama top).  As can be seen from the … Continue reading

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The Ancient India Post

Rather just a look at 2 early 20th century paintings recreating the era. From dawn until late into the night I worked. By day I copied the parts of the wall that were well lit, and by night I shifted on to … Continue reading

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The Chinese Brushwork Post

From Ye Qianyu‘s Indian Dancing Gestures – painted in the 1979s (X, X, X)   Zhang Daqian‘s Indian Actress (1950).

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The Nautch Post

Ongoing posts on Indian dance, particularly in the 19th/early 20th century. This painting is Edwin Lord Weeks’  Nautch Girls emerging from the Taj Mahal. Weeks’  paintings of India have a number of quotidian details and I particularly like this one.

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The Tamil Cinema Poster Post

I love that so many old Tamil film posters have just the actresses on them and you get to see different kinds of attire. The first film is Madanamala, where the heroine is a dancer. The second,Devamanohari, features a princess. The … Continue reading

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The Breast-Band

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Travancore Sisters

The Travancore Sisters were a famous dancing trio and one of them, Padmini, was a major star in South Indian cinema and also acted in Hindi films. Betsy Woodman’s family lived next door to the sisters and her blog is full of fascinating details about both … Continue reading

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The Ballet Post

  Tamara Karsavina, one of Diaghilev’s ballerinas, in the part of Nirilya/Nerilya in The Talisman. The sari doesn’t appear to have pleats and Karsavina has a body stocking underneath. And although the blouse is loose and prettily edged, its the lovely print … Continue reading

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The Modern Dance Post

Dance forms in the early 20th century in the west often incorporated oriental elements, be it a tawdry interpretation or a more serious minded approach.  There are probably many ways to look at Ruth St. Denis’ body of work that … Continue reading

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