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Dance forms in the early 20th century in the west often incorporated oriental elements, be it a tawdry interpretation or a more serious minded approach.  There are probably many ways to look at Ruth St. Denis’ body of work that includes “exotic elements”, but its obvious from the stills that a lot of effort and care has gone into the presentation, including one that evokes a Chola bronze.  Plus of course she seems  to have been responsible for the revitalisation of modern dance.

To the blouse. Its a simple one for the year it is taken in (1915) but quite clearly a choli as opposed to a Western style blouse.  I am not sure that is a sari, probably an approximation of the garment.

Re the second pic – she seems to have favoured the choli, common in dance forms in India. And there is the brooch at the centre and a single armband.  And the very neat figure.

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