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Art and Fashion

I came across Uma Damle’s interpretation of Hemen Majumdar paintings the other day. Her site also has her take on Raja Ravi Varma’s works. That got me into doing a few posts of spot the artwork in today’s fashion and … Continue reading

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Recreating Vintage/Historical Art

Like him or hate him, Raja Ravi Varma remains influential more than a 100 years after his death. Recreating his work seems to be a bit of a thing ranging from the recent Rang Rasiya to Makaramanju to Pushpamala’s photo … Continue reading

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The Parsis Post

I mentioned in previous posts that Jnanadanandini was influenced by the blouse and sari style of Parsi women in Bombay. Here are a few examples.  Most have “ribbon border” sari with motifs on the ribbon is quite common in Parsi … Continue reading

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The Music Post

Women and Stringed Instruments: a) Temple Sculpture (anklets!) b) Kalighat Painting (the women always have anklets and pointy shoes) c) Mid 19th century portrait (the attire appears late Mughal) d) Raja Ravi Varma’s woman playing sitar (love the casually discarded footwear detail, the sari is the … Continue reading

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Classical Drape

Post Alexander’s North Indian excursion, there were a number of Hellenic influences in that part of India.  It is hard to say how much the Greeks influenced the precursor of the sari (Greek garments at the time included the peplos and chiton) but thedepiction of … Continue reading

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