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Phryne Fisher

And speaking of kick ass ladies, one of the few TV shows I watch both uninterruptedly and uncritically is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (i.e. I am a fangirl so please don’t take the post as an endorsement to immediately rush … Continue reading

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The 1920s Paintings Post

Mazumdar tended to hint at nudity by draping his models in semi-transparent or wet saris, a technique that was later adopted by Indian cinema. Hemendranath Mazumdar‘s naturalistic oils of partially clothed, vaguely erotic looking women were unsurprisingly popular in the … Continue reading

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The Parsis Post

I mentioned in previous posts that Jnanadanandini was influenced by the blouse and sari style of Parsi women in Bombay. Here are a few examples.  Most have “ribbon border” sari with motifs on the ribbon is quite common in Parsi … Continue reading

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The Art School Post

Two of early 20th century art/dance schools in India, Santiniketan/Viswa Bharati and Kalakshetra were not just involved with a revival of Indian dance and art traditions but were also responsible for a new kind of aesthetic.  Khadi, so intregal to … Continue reading

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1925 – Karachi and Kolkota

Saris in the 1920s on either side of the subcontinent 1) A Parsi family in 1925 Karachi and 2) A Calcutta Cup Race where “horses take second place to fashion” (from the film Calcutta Topical No 1-1925) . The pallu is worn … Continue reading

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The Studio Portrait

Just to wind up on the India/China theme, Garas aka the Chinese emboridered silk sarees with corodinated somewhat ornate blouses. Plus first pic, the one on the right seems to have a pretty spectacular bird of paradise.  Gara in the second picture is … Continue reading

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Girls in Finery – 2

Princess Shashi Raje of Dewas in an embroidered ghaghra-choli looking poised and a little enigmatic in a studio photo.  The choli is almost completely hidden by jewellery and yet it doesn’t feel excessive. Arm bracelets seem to have been very popular in the … Continue reading

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