The 70s in a single pic

I chanced upon this pic on ebay and in it are all the glorious 70s trends!


First up its prints, prints, prints. The maxis* – at least I think they are maxis, the construction of the lower part is interesting. The short tunic with an outsize collar worn over trousers (which are still a little narrow like the 60s and yet to cross over into bell-bottom territory). Cap sleeve blouses for saris, the casual drape of the sari. Handkerchief clutched in hand. The wristwatch. And all that white footwear. 1971 looks good!

*If you are on to a good thing, might as well duplicate it:)

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2 Responses to The 70s in a single pic

  1. Sally-Ann Rudd says:

    I think the maxis are a home-sewn version of a caftan with a belt, classic 70s I agree, also the polyester printed sari which exploded in popularity early 70s.

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