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The 1930s post

The Sari: 1931-1940 Almost every decade has a signature sari. In the 1920s it was the chiffon with a zari border (pics 1 and 2 are from 1924 and 1931). The borders were generally small and stitched onto French chiffons. … Continue reading

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The Tamil Historical Post

The illustrations for Tamil periodicals have a long history and some illustrators are nearly as well known as the writers. A number of serialised stories are historical romances (think Chola empire, Pallavas) and the drawings are fairly vivid in recreating an era, albeit … Continue reading

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The Maharani Post

A liberal spirit, she was an ardent nationalist and one of the founders of the women’s movement in India. She certainly imbibed some of her non-conformist attitude from her husband Sayajirao Gaekwad. Under him, Baroda became the first princely state … Continue reading

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The Families Post

A look at families from the late 19th century till about the 1980s.  Its impossible for me to do justice to the many photographs documenting families across region, religion and caste so this is just a sample. First up, North … Continue reading

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The 18th Century Hunt

Note that in pic 1 (dated about 1775), the couple appear to be forest dwellers.  In most paintings women wear a short skirt of leaves or peacock feathers to indicate the forest setting. But the jewellery here may indicate a … Continue reading

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The Royalty Post

“The Maharaja of Indore came to the studio to be photographed, also in Western clothes-sack suit and formal evening dress. He was young, tall and very elegant“  Cartier wearing aesthete, photographed by Man Ray (a particularly fruitfulphoto session) and Bassano, painted by Bernard Boutet De Monvel  (also X,he also painted … Continue reading

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The Princess Post

Vijayaraje Scindia in the 1940s in a gold bordered sari.  A style so popular in the 30s/early 40s. Also Durru-Shehvar though admittedly my attention was diverted by the splendid Diana Vreeland.

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The Bhopal Post

    Between 1819 and 1926, Bhopal was ruled by an unbroken line of 4 women, the Nawab Begums of Bhopal. Bhopal had a distinctive culture with Turkish, Persian and Northern Indian Islamic influences.  Bhopali dress consisted of a Turkish-style long … Continue reading

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The Princess Post

Princess Victoria Gowramma’s story, the subject of a recent biography, is a somewhat sad one of a girl caught up in the politics of empire. There are a few parallels with the Pocahontas story – the conversion to Christianity, the inter-racial marriage, travel … Continue reading

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The Maharani Post

Perhaps more than anyone else Indira Devi’s daughter, the much photographed Gayatri Devi, consolidated the “Princess style” in India.  Chiffons (often draped over the head), a single strand of pearls and simple little blouses spelt elegance and style for very many years. In … Continue reading

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