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A quick trawl through Holi in Indian art. First up, sculpture at the Chennakeshava temple at Belur. A bit of water sport preparation at the feet of the madanika (photograph via Sandeep). Miniature paintings often feature the ever popular theme … Continue reading

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On Clothes

Now and then i think of the underlying philosophy of clothes and how markedly this differs from country to country but haven’t sat down to pen a deeper piece.  So I have kind of relied on extracts as preliminary thoughts. … Continue reading

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  A saree break. The previous modifier of dress – especially in North India – was of course Islamic rule.  There is a great deal of variation within this from fitted tunics to serious trouser flares. These styles live on … Continue reading

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The Princess Post

Princess Victoria Gowramma’s story, the subject of a recent biography, is a somewhat sad one of a girl caught up in the politics of empire. There are a few parallels with the Pocahontas story – the conversion to Christianity, the inter-racial marriage, travel … Continue reading

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