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t5The illustrations for Tamil periodicals have a long history and some illustrators are nearly as well known as the writers. A number of serialised stories are historical romances (think Chola empirePallavas) and the drawings are fairly vivid in recreating an era, albeit in a stylised, romanticised form [e,g, XX].

In this illustration an elegant three piece costume, loads of jewellery including the vanki or arm band and the chandra-surya for the hair.  And the side knot which is a characteristic Tamilian hair arrangement (though I am not sure which particular era it belongs to).

Covers of a few Tamil historical novels. Kalki was the forerunner of the genre, pic 1 is of his novel Parthiban Kanavu. Pic 4 is a novel set in the reign of the Cholas by Sujatha. Pics 2 and 3 are covers of books by the author Sandilyan whose subject matter is varied, Pic 3 for example is of the novel Yavana Rani i.e. Greek Queen. Pic 2 is of the novel Rajamuthirai (The King’s Seal). Unfortunately it appears they are quite difficult to translate.

Lots of pretty women sporting some complicated updos…the men aren’t too bad either : all wavy locks, neat moustaches and bare upper bodies:)

Vyjayanthimala in the film version of Parthiban Kanavu (Parthiban’s Dream, X, X, X). The costumes are quite similar to the previous illustrations here, including as it happens a nose stud on one side of the nose and a nose ring on the other:)

The actress unsurprisingly was featured in more than one historical drama, given her classical beauty and background in dance.

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    Vintage cover pages of Tamil historic novels

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