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The Maharaja of Indore came to the studio to be photographed, also in Western clothes-sack suit and formal evening dress. He was young, tall and very elegant“ 

Cartier wearing aesthetephotographed by Man Ray (a particularly fruitfulphoto session) and Bassanopainted by Bernard Boutet De Monvel  (also X,he also painted the Maharaja’s equally elegant wife) and owner of an Art Deco residence – I think its safe to say that Yeshwantrao Holkar II (surely someone so posh must have had a nickname!) was a poster boy for Indian elegance in the 1920s.

The painting is one of few portraits of Indian royalty I like -Yeshwantrao is wearing traditional clothing (the headgear was typical of Marathas, I think it is called the Shindeshahi/Sindeshai) but the jewellery and clothes are understated and the colours not in the least bit overwhelming (the Holkar colours were I think white and red).

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A potted history of Indian clothing and fashion.
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2 Responses to The Royalty Post

  1. What a very interesting contrast. It is difficult to believe we are looking at the same person (whose rather large hands compared to the rest of his body add to his natural elegance).

  2. Anu says:

    Yes and I chose it because it sort of represents the kind of dual lives these folk had. The painting is quite restrained though, usually there is a jewellery and tinsel overload in royal portraits.

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