The Spring Post

पहले भी मैं इसी राह से जा कर फिर-फिर हूँ (Pehle bhi main isi raah se jaa kar phir-phir hoon)
आया-किन्तु झलकती थी इस में तब मधु की मन-मोहक माया! (Aaya-kintu jhalakti thi is mein tab madhu ki man-mohak maya!)
हरित-छटामय-विटप-राजि पर विलुलित थे पलाश के फूल (Harit-chhatamay-vitap-raji par vilulit the palash ke phool)
मादकता-सी भरी हुई थी मलयानिल में परिमल धूल!  (madakta-see bhari hui thi malayanil mein parimal dhool!)

Once before too on this very path I wandered
Though then the path reflected the magic of pleasing nectar!
Palash flowers were tossed about on a row of green lustrous branches
The fragrant dust mixed drunkenly with the southern winds!

Lines from Agyeya’s Purva Smriti (Past memories). Very difficult to translate, this is a very loose translation.

Palash: The flower of spring. The bird of pic 2 is probably a koel.

Pics: Pahela Falgun, Manishi Dey, Flowering Palash, 1965, Santhal women Zainul Abedin (1950s), Laxman Aelay, Palash.

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