Miss Meena

A lot of my free time for the past seven odd months has been taken up by Miss Meena – who seems to get into trouble requiring vet care now and then – as a result I haven’t been able to concentrate on the blog as much as I would like to. She has recovered well and is very playful and energetic (making her a bit of a handful when she is in our house) 🙂

She is still a quasi domestic/quasi street dog – the lure of the street is too strong with her! Partly this is because she has a family.  We got her mother sterilised and her brother, Mr Deeka, is doing well (the puppy trio was named Eena, Meena, Deeka – unfortunately Eena got killed by a car).

Hopefully now that she is all grown up things will go on more steadily once she is spayed:)

Where Miss Meena got treated. For general info on the INDog/desi dog, page here.

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