Personal Notes

Just a note. I don’t make any money from my tumblr/wordpress site – or leverage it in any way – and that’s fine by me. I enjoy doing it and if people learn something from it and go off and do their own projects I am cool with it.  Long time readers will also be aware that I am meticulous about crediting all source material (unless I have lost it though I do my best not to).  However please do credit any material that you use from here that relies on more than the credited image! Some of the images and 100% of the written material is mine.  Plus some of the posts are extremely difficult to do and require a lot of research.  The ongoing one on each decade for e.g. I write from scratch because there is literally very little mapping fashions in each decade. I use about 30-40% of my material for posts (because else it would get too boring and obsessive) so well it requires a lot sifting, pruning aka loads of work! And as a scientist, I can say that all the pleasure is in writing a paper and being cited 🙂 So please do cite the blog if you use any material!

About Anu M

A potted history of Indian clothing and fashion.
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