Modern Times


I love all those illustrations back in the day (largely the 20s) that have men terrified of the forthcoming emancipation of women.  More often than not, the women in the illustrations look so nonchalant and cool. Pic 1 from Korea possibly 1920s; Pic 2 from India (Woman’s Revolt, 1919) and Pic 3 from China, also possibly 1920s, titled “Future Position of Woman”.
It’s kind of interesting that unlike pic 1 and 3 which boast modern girl fashions, in pic 2 the woman is not in the modern sari. There is no blouse worn (the norm by this time for educated women).  Probably the wear at home outfit-best to be comfortable when the man of the house is serving tea:)

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A potted history of Indian clothing and fashion.
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