On the Street, India

z11z12 Hair Ornaments, Tie String blouses and saris worn “seedha pallu”; sequinned saris; fluorescent colours; kurtas with lace borders; skinny jeans worn with kameez and dupatta; handloom singlets; the enduring popularity of chikankari; gold and yellow thread.

One of the nice things about Indian fashion is that even as it adopts new elements it marches to its own beat. Especially so when fashion is so homogenous these days.  Pity that Indian men have discarded the experimentation of the 19th and 20th century though. Having said that you do spot men in dhotis, chudidars and kurtas, especially during festivals.

The pics are taken by me so please credit the blog if you want to copy and post:)

About Anu M

A potted history of Indian clothing and fashion.
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6 Responses to On the Street, India

  1. Wonderful post! The streets are an ongoing fashion show.

  2. yogamardi says:

    Another lovely post Anu! Starting to get excited about my next trip to India this January:) Were you recently in the South?

  3. I adore your street photography 🙂 Lakshmi x

  4. Anu says:

    Thanks Betsy, yes there is always so much happening on an Indian street!

    Mardi, yay hopefully January rolls around soon! I was in Bangalore. But I might be going to Chennai and further in November to visit family. Looking forward to it!

    Thanks Lakshmi. I couldn’t get as many pics as I wanted. Most of the street fashion pics are of the cool kids, I was trying to get a fix on how ordinary Indians dress. The women in the first two pics for e.g. were beautifully dressed even though they had been in a crowded train compartment!

  5. Thank you for this very illustrative post, everything is, yet again, so beautiful and original, it says so much about the people…

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