Spring-The Paintings Post


Spring is always the red tower of the May tree; alive, shaken with bees, smelling of honey; and the blood, a moving tree of May, (Judith Wright).

Its spring – sort of – in the Southern Hemisphere.

Today’s painting is Angelo Da Fonesca’s “Spring”.  The girls in the painting wear cholis, reminiscent of the khaann patterns of Maharashtra, with flowing skirts and flowers in the hair. da Fonesca’s subject matter was universal but contained strong indigenous elements.

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6 Responses to Spring-The Paintings Post

  1. yogamardi says:

    Judith Wright’s poetry really captures the beauty of this image, and the subtle aliveness of nature… (some of my favourites are ’Egrets’ and ‘Nameless Flower’). I’ve just found them on the bookshelf again, after many years. The words still resonate! Thanks for sharing Anu:)

    • Anu says:

      Thanks Mardi, off to check the poems you mention. Isn’t Judith Wright wonderful – I sometimes think think Australian artists have a sublime awareness of as you say the “aliveness of nature” and it shows in their art.

  2. Ah spring…such a lovely time of the year. This picture illustrates it well and makes me excited about my trip in India next week 🙂 Lakshmi x

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