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The Mantilla Post

In the pics: The late 19th/early 20 century practice of wearing a mantilla with the sari. Often made of lace. Probably a result of the popularity of the mantilla in nineteenth century Europe and more or less confined to Bengal. … Continue reading

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Indian Royals – 2

The daughters of the Diwan of Travancore in 1868. They appear to be Bala, Neena, Sundara, Sati?. The Diwan was a Maharashtrian from Thanjavur, the sari and ornaments are similar to that seen in Maharashtra and South India in the … Continue reading

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Extract from Suniti Devi’s autobiography

No doubt sari dinners should come back in vogue:)

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The Royals Post

  For more than half of the 20th century, Europe was a playground for Indian royalty.  And its women were photographed by Cecil Beaton and Man Ray, snubbed Wallis Simpson, made it to the NYT’s society pages and of course set fashion trends. Of all the royals, … Continue reading

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