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The navaratna (nine gems) consists of the marakata (emerald), vajra (diamond), mukta (pearl), pushyaraga (topaz), manika (ruby), vidruma (coral), vaidurya (cat’s eye), nila (sapphire), and gomedaka (garnet),  Generally this is set in order in a grid as in pic 1 … Continue reading

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The Nose Ring Post

The bullaku/bulak or nolok – i.e. a ring that requires nasal septum piercing. Common in some parts of India up until the 19th century, it is now used in dance forms like Bharatanatyam albeit in a clip on screw on form.

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Odds and Ends

Notes from Singapore 15 August 1936 and Olympic Gold. Jewellery for a Pretty Girl Lipstick Ladies and my favourite: the waist brooch for a sari.  

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The Bangles Post

  Soon after, a woman came in, with a large basket full of churees for the arms (bracelets), which were made of rings of glass, ornamented with beads. Every body at the wedding, from the Begam to the youngest slave, … Continue reading

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Girls in Finery -1

A pretty cap sleeve blouse which allows for arm bracelets (bazuband). Pic taken in the 1930s. Source: people.howstuffworks.com

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