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Tumblr 1

I have been tied up a bit with a move but tumblr had some queued posts which got posted over the past few weeks. A few sets as usual which I always find useful to demonstrate the persistence of a … Continue reading

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Nargis illustrated by colonelhathi at tumblr. I love the daffodils (aka nargis flower) at the side as a finishing touch.  And divine blouse. Here are the screencaps on which it is based. Which kind of makes the illustration even more … Continue reading

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The Monsoon Post

A bodice soaked in cooling water, play-bracelets made of lotus stems, ear ornaments made of acacia flowers, pearl necklaces of jasmine; these and their bodies wet with sandal paste are the magic used by fawn eyed damsels which needs nor … Continue reading

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The Historical Drama – Chitralekha

A few more posts on modern interpretations of Ancient Indian Costume where the productions depart from fidelity to historical costume, either because the production follows the norms of popular Indian cinema or modern theatre. The full Bollywood treatment (i.e. vaguely accurate) … Continue reading

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The 1960s Post

  James Burke’s pictures of actresses like Madhubala and Nalini Jaywant are hopelessly cheesy so I was pleasantly surprised to find that his numerous pictures of Asha Parekh taken in 1963 are an interesting look at the actress on film sets, at rehearsals and … Continue reading

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The Fancy Blouse Post

I love really intricate blouses for which the sari is the accessory like the one here with its elaborate cutwork. With much thanks to memsaab for letting me borrow this.

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The 1930s Actress Post

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