80s/90s Redux 1

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Mostly Rekha’s specracktular headgear.

I feel like in the 80s/90s she ordered up all the headgear she could lay her hands on, luckily this has been documented for posterity.

About 50% of the headgear seems to be Russian Czarina meets Diwali kandeel. I feel the need for a Madam X homage line.

Also obviously Rekha was there before Lady Gaga.

At some point I thought Rekha ditched the headgear and snapped up every single Kanjeevaram sari around but I am happy to note that Rekha is still Queen of the Turban and seems to have converted an entire dupatta into a fetching turban.

Mostly sourced from Indomania.

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A potted history of Indian clothing and fashion.
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