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w1 w2 w3Now and then I like to look at fashions east of India. Especially the kain-kebaya which you can still spot in everyday use.

I spotted an Indonesian book of fashion illustrations (Cantik Elegan dengan Kebaya XL aka  Beautiful and Elegant in Kebaya XL) on my travels. It has a 100 odd illustrations of kain-kebaya for larger women (apparently to break away from the sarong-kebayas are for slender Singapore Girl kind of feeling). The illustrated lady looks pretty cool and there are numerous patterns and vivid colours in there – I always miss colours when in Australia. Kind of a mix of indigenous Indonesian and Islamic influences

The pics are not the best, I only had my phone on me.

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A potted history of Indian clothing and fashion.
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4 Responses to The Kebaya Post

  1. The green one is exquisite….love the long kurta thinggy on the slim lines of the bottom.

  2. Apart from being true works of art they seem to confer such elegance to the wearer!

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