Phryne Fisher

missFisher1And speaking of kick ass ladies, one of the few TV shows I watch both uninterruptedly and uncritically is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (i.e. I am a fangirl so please don’t take the post as an endorsement to immediately rush out and watch the series!).  Miss Fisher aka Phryne is a gold pistol toting female PI in 1920s Melbourne – though she uses the gun judiciously and relies more on her wit and brains.  The TV series is quite toned down in comparison to what Phryne gets up to in the novels but TV is a different beast. Despite the changes the TV series works. Add to the mix the requisite Lestrade figure (Jack Robinson) , though he is a cop with brains who has a nice line in quiet sarcasm and a good deal of sexual tension with Miss Fisher, Phryne’s sensible companion, Dot, her beau Hugh and a whole assortment of other sharply drawn characters and it makes for perfect Friday night viewing.

One of the chief drawcards of the series is Phryne’s fabulous wardrobe (Phryne is also a woman who can accessorise). Normally I am not a fan of cut up saris but I didn’t mind the one they attempted on the show (they source now and then from India). While it is Phryne’s clothes that draw the viewer, the series is also fairly spot on with regard to more working class and modest clothing as far as I can see.  Its a visual feast and it is not surprising that a costume exhibition has followed. Now if only they had an episode with some fabulous maharani like Indira Devi:)

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4 Responses to Phryne Fisher

  1. rayalseemadiaries says:

    Another fan girl totally agrees! Miss Fisher is a class act and she does it with such élan!

  2. yogamardi says:

    It’s a Phryne visual feast! Thank you Anu:) And yes, I love the idea of an episode with some fabulous maharani… would certainly be a perfect match for the era…Miss Fisher’s style!

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