80s2Srimati paints in water colours, in what can be termed the classical style……The inspiration for this is the Ajanta cave paintings near Bombay-frescoes dating back to the sixth and seventh century of this era. Sandglass, 1966.

Saraswati playing a vina, 1947-1948 (YG Srimati).

80s1Let wisdom ride the swan, Mayumi Oda.

The goddess of everything that flows, Benzaiten aka Saraswati.

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A potted history of Indian clothing and fashion.
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2 Responses to Saraswati

  1. yogamardi says:

    Loved this post Anu. The Goddess manifests in many ways, yet her expressiveness always shines through! Mayumi Oda’s image of Benzaiten is particularly beautiful and inspiring…

    • vintagesareeblouse says:

      Thanks Mardi. Saraswati is my “ishta devata” and I was looking for different representations of her. The Oda image was definitely the pick of the lot-it invokes so many feelings.

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