The 80s Post

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In the 80s:

“Contrast piping” blouse which picked up the sari colours (pic 1 on Rekha).

Matching blouse pieces based on the sari (pic 2 on Shabana) or the border (Pic 3 Courtesans of Bombay)-these pieces were often separate and not woven with the sari as common today.

Another early 80s trend. Plain satin saris, often in paler shades, with blouses made of the same material.

Pic 4 of Shabana in Arth. More of Rekha in Silsila here.

Notes: It was a decade in which Rekha set many a trend – more than a few of these combined northern and southern influences e.g. [X-this blouse style was also popular post Kalyug, in fact most blouses in the decade appear close fitted with deep necklines], [X], [X]. Most of the saris here are probably printed cottons and silks but synthetic polyesters became widely available with Vimal and Garden-Vareli.

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