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Mazumdar tended to hint at nudity by draping his models in semi-transparent or wet saris, a technique that was later adopted by Indian cinema.

Hemendranath Mazumdar‘s naturalistic oils of partially clothed, vaguely erotic looking women were unsurprisingly popular in the 1920s and 1930s. He was paid large sums for his work, which often boasted titles like Wounded Vanity, Manas Kamal, Echo of Love and Lady in Blue and Gold.

In a number of paintings Mazumdar’s models are clothed in a similar manner. The plain, gold bordered saris for one (touches of gold were common in Indian paintings from this time). Where there are blouses, they are often fairly snug and brief. There are little motifs on the blouses. And there is the jewellery – gold arm bands and bracelets and in at least two here a waist chain/belt. Hair ornaments like in painting 3. And of course the feet are bare, sometimes with hints of alta.

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  1. Saba-Thambi says:

    Interesting and informative post

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    An interesting and informative post of 1920’s Indian paintings.

  3. seeta aggarwal says:

    it was mine …………..lost to sibblings……my father bought it in 1952 from an auction from the maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir in Bombay………….believed to have been auctioned in 2012 heart broken!….the lady by the pond! lost forever, would love to know who is the new owner!

  4. Anu M says:

    I am sorry to hear that. I know nothing about the painting’s owners I found it on the Net.

    The link I found it as follows:

    Maybe you can check with artfact?

    • seeta aggarwal says:

      I did ………..they cannot disclose the name of the purchaser!………..I did not know till yesterday that it was auctioned!…..if you have any info re the new owner…….I would like to make contact
      …………perhaps buy it back!

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