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Lootera Deconstructed

There is nothing as much of its time as the period film – see successive Jane Austen adaptations for e.g.  I am therefore not terribly fussed about authenticity in period films, though it is always pleasurable if filmmakers do their homework … Continue reading

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The Indian Mod Post

Typically in the first half of an Indian movie you would have a Westernised heroine before the “curse of the second half” hit and out came the saris. And of course vamps were allowed to wear Western clothing all the … Continue reading

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A brief look at fashions on film. 1, The 1940s. Noor Jahan in Anmol Ghadi (1946). This kind of square neck blouse was popular in the late 40s and continued to be so in the early 50s. The sequinned sari of course has … Continue reading

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Stunt Queens of the 1930s

Next evening we too saw her as she sat in front of the Well of Death, looking bored, chain smoking Scissors cigarettes.  She wore a “birjis”* of shining blue satin, and her heavily painted face looked weirdly blue in the … Continue reading

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The Village Post

Achhut Kanya was directed by Franz Osten and shot in the Bombay Talkies studio on Europeanized sets of a typical Indian village. It has been cloned times without number ever since in Hindi films.The Indian village, in its romanticized image … Continue reading

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The Marilyn Silverstone post

Marilyn Silverstone‘s 1959 photograph of Waheeda Rehman. More on her here.

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The Monsoon Post

A bodice soaked in cooling water, play-bracelets made of lotus stems, ear ornaments made of acacia flowers, pearl necklaces of jasmine; these and their bodies wet with sandal paste are the magic used by fawn eyed damsels which needs nor … Continue reading

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Frill, Ruffle and Furbelow in the 1930s

Frills, ruffles, furbelows in the 1930s. It is interesting to see the same feature employed differently in the three stills. The women L to R: Imogen Cunnigham, Devika Rani, Kanan Devi  

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The Indian Flapper

  I didn’t do this post for awhile because I wasn’t able to locate any good pictures, apart from the usual ones of Devika Rani circulating on tumblr, though of course I have posted on fashions of the 20s and 30s. So this post … Continue reading

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The Historical Drama – Chitralekha

A few more posts on modern interpretations of Ancient Indian Costume where the productions depart from fidelity to historical costume, either because the production follows the norms of popular Indian cinema or modern theatre. The full Bollywood treatment (i.e. vaguely accurate) … Continue reading

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