The Artful Pose: Early Studio Photography in Bombay

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The Artful Pose

A few pictures from The Artful Pose, Early Studio Photography, c 1855-1940.  All the photographs are by Shapoor Bhedwar to the best of my knowledge.

There are girls in short tunics worn with sarees (looking like early versions of Hakoba) with Grecian hairstyles in the picture titled The Flower Girl.

The picture with the holy man (The Mystic Sign/The Yogi – The Lesson) suggests Hindu women in short cholis and sarees.

One photograph features a Maharashtrian family, the women in traditional nine-yard saris with contrasting blouses.

There is a young girl in a drape and without a blouse in the picture titled Rose Bud.

There is the photographer himself, dressed like a saheb (it gets my approval, I love flat caps:)).  His mother is in a Parsi style sari, the children in clothing common for young Parsi children at the time (including little caps for the girls).

All are probably taken around 1890.

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