The Contemporary Bindi

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The sticker bindi revolution was probably the last major shift in bindi style.  And they are still around though you are more likely to find women wearing the “neutral” red/maroon/black round bindis on an everyday basis. And often no bindi at all.

One thing that is different in the last few odd years is bindis of a contrasting colour to the ensemble – this has also been a bit of a theme with blouses (see for .g. X and X).  Blue seems to be a favourite though green had a pop culture moment and purple is also around.

And not exactly a contrast bindi, but impressively it is blue kumkum.

Pic sources: Unfair and Lovely, Ankita Sharma, Who Wore What When, Taapsee Pannu.

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  1. Anu M says:

    Oh yes vaseline!!!! Yes would be fun if they came back.

    My pleasure:)

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