Bindi Queens

Not every decade has distinctive bindis. And when a decade does its usually easily seen as a trend on an actress.  Here’s how the 50s, 70s and 90s looked!

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Shyama, the bindi queen of the 1950s. Decorative bindis were quite popular in this decade.

Decorative bindis have such a long history. I think a number of these are designs that are painted on but a few look like early stick-ons.

Pics 2,3 via ebay, pic 6 via osianama.

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Queen of the 70s bindi, Mumtaz.

There is a lot of colour in this decade. Its hardly a basic red + black bindi decade for Bollywood. Bindi carousels* meant you could play with colour, even if it was a tiny dot under the main one. There are bindis that exactly matched the sari ( a very matchy matchy decade, from blouses to shoes to  handbags to bangles and flowers in the hair), the white bindi and of course decorative bindis. I think there is a bit of a mix and match of plastic stick-on bindis and liquid colour here.

Last pic from here.

*may have been around prior to this decade, its just in obvious use in this decade.

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Madhuri Dixit – Queen of the 90s bindis.

Though I guess every actress was since this decade could never have enough of those stick-on bindi packets which had entire designs incorporating various colours and gems and required little more than..well sticking it on your forehead (though as in the last pic with a yellow bindi you could still do a bit of “artwork” yourself:)).

The sheer variety of shapes – including super long snaky bindis  – really mark this decade. In many ways a bit of an unsubtle decade – even the zari motifs of this period on clothes tended to be a little less than delicate. But in a way it’s also the last decade of a significant change in bindis since these are still around.

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