The Spring Post

yellow1 (2)yellowyellow5पुष्पिताग्रांश्च पश्येमान्कर्णिकारान्समन्ततः। हाटकप्रतिसंचन्नान्नरान्पीताम्बरानिव॥

And look at these flower-tipped karnikāras everywhere – they look like men robed in yellow and laden with golden jewellery. [X]

Spring (Vasanta) in India is generally in the months of Phalguna and Chaitra (roughly March and April) though it officially begins in Magh (February). It is also time for the first leaves and flowers of the gulmohar, mango and amaltas. The last of these may well be the karnikara mentioned in Kalidasa’ Ritusamhara.

Pics courtesy: Bonhams, Vogue India. Insert pic of Amaltas.

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  1. A lovely, heart-warming post!

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