The Dress Reform in Bengal Post


On top of that, the kind of fine [clothing] material they wear is not fit to go out in society, and when the material becomes wet and clings to the body, then there is no difference between being naked and dressed.  Many a time a decent man hesitates to get out of the pond in such clothes, but women, displaying remarkable ease get out of the pond and walk home in their wet clothes……I don’t know when you will learn the real use of shame! (Anon. 1871)

But finally many have begun to realise the bad taste involved in the custom of wearing one transparent/fine piece of cloth (Hemantakumari Choudhury, 1901)

..all we have done at the Vidyalaya* is adopted a dress for the girls that combines the elegance of the national dress with the decency of the European(Brahmo Public Opinion editorial, July 4, 1878)

All the changes that took place in dress and the sometimes fierce discussion over these changes in Bengal.

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A potted history of Indian clothing and fashion.
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