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Vivan Sundaram, Retake of Amrita – Sisters, 2001

Amrita Sher-gil’s parallels with Frida Kahlo are oft commented on – self portraits, the incorporation of indigenous elements, the bisexuality, the early death, even the odd photograph with a lady moustache.

And there’s the keen sense of fashion.  In Sher-gil’s case, a frequent adoption of Indian dress and the sleek style of the 20s with the simple, sleeveless blouses and the emphasised mouth. The second picture here foregrounds her sister whose blouse in it is a simpler, conservative version.

The photographs are by Vivan Sundaram, her nephew, whose re-imaginings of Amrita’s old photographs play around with the concept of twinning and also incorporate his mother (Amrita’s sister, Indira).


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