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Working Women – 2

  Still from Mahanagar. I think this is the interview scene or perhaps a scene at the office. And that’s the workaday blouse as we know it (though this might be changing).

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Working Women – 1

  11 April 1960 – Travellers in Air India’s new Boeing 707s from London to Bombay will soon be attended by hostesses wearing saris. Here is 22 year old Indian Air hostess from Bombay Savi Multani in one of the … Continue reading

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  In the 70s. A knotted choli is distinctly modern for the time.

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A look at beauty queens today. Reita Faria in the sleeveless blouse and the sari drape of the 60s which left the upper part of the garment loose over the arm. An article on her here.

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Since I started this blog, I have come across an astonishingly large number of “British Raj” romances. A few of these deal with “inter-racial” romances which were generally taboo subject matter. One of these is Lilamani. Apart from it being an … Continue reading

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The Flapper Post

Though the Tagores had been at the forefront of dress reform in Bengal and in devising a new form of saree and blouse suitable for appearing in public, by the time Shesher Kabita came to be written in 1928, you can sense … Continue reading

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The Movie Adaptation Post

Cissie and Katie in a new film adaptation of Shesher Kabita. The few pictures around don’t seem entirely authentic but its hard to tell at this stage.

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The Westernised Woman

The modern girl in another Tagore’s illustration is again the subject of satire. This is from Gaganendranath Tagore’s cartoons. At least for a period of time socks and shoes worn with a sari seems to have been very popular.  (Source: artnewsnviews.com)  

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The Corset Sari

  The corset is †a mutilation, undergone for the purpose of lowering the subject’s vitality and rendering her permanently and obviously unfit for work. British India at times seems like a marriage of opposites, the often uncomfortable melding of extreme corsetry … Continue reading

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2 Oct 2012

Up in the Air, a cosy scence of domesticity with Mrs. Shastri in a saree draped UP style. Also Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Birthday

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