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I spent some time in Ubud, Bali and despite being overrun with tourists it seemed to suffer little from the usual soulless nature of such places. It helped that I wasn’t in Ubud “proper” though I missed out on a few performances.  I can’t believe I never made the trip from Australia! Its been a long time since I felt such utter bliss, I left very reluctantly:)

The photograph of the 4 girls is taken at Tirta Empul, Bali.  The dress for a upacara (ceremony) includes a kamen (sarong) generally ikat or batik, kebaya (lace jacket) and selendang (outer sash for kebaya, also generally the minimum requirement for entering a temple). The sabuk was traditionally a long broad cloth wound from the hips and around the torso over which the kebaya is worn. Also keeps the kamen in place. I think this has been replaced by a tube top these days though there must be some additional means for securing the kamen.

Ritual cloth is everywhere in Bali. Along with Indonesian terms for clothing like kain you also chance upon wastra (Sanskrit) and dastar (Persian) now and then.

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