Autumn Festival

Thanks to RL long time since I did any significant update except for a few pieces now and then on tumblr. Before I start again just a few pics for autumn/Dusshera.


It was autumn, not a doubt of it. Ere long a forest of Kash flowers would whiten the river bank. Padma Nadir Majhi.

If I meet her again twenty years from now!
Again in twenty years –
Beside a sheaf of grain, perhaps,
In the month of Kartik-
When the evening crow goes home – the yellow river
Flows softened through reeds, kash-grass into the fields! Jibanananda Das.

I always like seasonal posts, so here is one of autumn. The painting is by Prankrishna Pal.

On the streets of Mumbai, apta and marigold being sold in early October (photographs mine).

And paintings of the goddess, in one a glimpse of Kali/Durga, the other of Saraswati.

The first painting is by KH Ara, the second is attributed to Manisha.

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