Cheapstamatic-54a2ef8eae3c2Everyone should read Banalata Sen, whether in the original Bengali or translated.

As I mentioned the sari history posts were very time and energy consuming this year.  I might revisit some of the earlier decades as the information on them is quite meagre but for the moment I will let it stand. On the personal front the result of the posts was that I finally bought an embellished jewel sari – a historic first given I rarely even wear zari:)

This blog is still a labour of love. If everyone enjoyed it or took away something from it I am happy. But I do add a request – please do not reproduce the material – especially text – without crediting this blog and me (Anu M)!

On that note as the year closes, thank you for all the appreciation and comments. It feels good and I kind of beat myself up now and then that I do not return it in ample measure. May you all have a wonderful 2015!


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A potted history of Indian clothing and fashion.
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